Customer Testimonials

08/20/2018 - Love, Love, Love this product! I'm pretty clumsy with my phone...this has saved me many a screen I am sure!
Joyce K - Olathe, KS
08/19/2018 - Awesome product!! I am a high school teacher and I never have to be careful where I set down my phone!! Never a worry it might be stolen!!
Diana A - Fresno
08/16/2018 - I have been using the Clip Hanger for years and have so many people who have got one of their own. They are perfect for no pockets and always able to track your heart steps every day.
Nancy S - BURLINGTON North Carolina
08/15/2018 - I've been using Cliffhangers for at least 15 years. I love them!! They make it easy and convenient to access my phone wherever I put it. Thank you for creating such an amazing product!
Kathryn M - Chula Vista, CA
08/14/2018 - Been a fan of Clphangers and cases for years! I always get comments about them, so I keep several sticks and various domes on hand as they make great gifts for any age. Fun and really useful!
Judy G - LAGUNA Beach, CA
08/13/2018 - I™ve been using Cliphangers for more than 5 years, and have yet to find anything that comes close for convenience and secure carrying.
Richard G - Livonia, MI
08/12/2018 - Been using them for many years on various phones. Works great and has never failed.
Daniel R - Kawkawlin, MI
08/12/2018 - Love my Cliphanger saves my phone everyday. Makes it so easy to safely carry
Carolyn D - Gresham, OR
08/12/2018 - Love these things. Have been using them for ten year now. Wish they made a HOT PINK one! (hint,hint)
Caroline D - Driftwood, TX
08/11/2018 - I have used you for 15 plus years... I™m seriously addicted to your product. My mom, my sister and my daughter all use clip hangers. ive only replaced cliphanger because I™m ready for a new look on a new phone.
Lisa H - Dallas, TX
08/11/2018 - Really a great product! I carry and need to access my phone all day long. Cliphanger makes it easy.
Steven U - Portland, Oreogn
08/10/2018 - ME TOO ! I've been using Cliphangers for more years than I can count and I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THEM. I have them attached to many items I need to keep close at hand. Friends and family have threatened to steal the ones I am already using ! Therefore I am one of your best spokesmen.
Carol H - Chicago Illinois
08/02/2018 - I have been a customer for YEARS! Have gifted or turned lots onto Cliphanger!
Laura L - Elizabethtown
08/01/2018 - I've been using Cliphanger for years and always get asked about it! It is so convenient that now I unconsciously slip it onto my belt loop or purse and I know it will be there. Thanks!
Tammy B - Washington, UT
08/01/2018 - Cliphanger is by far the most superior and safest cell phone clip on the market. I've been using them for many many years. I absolutely love it and cannot live without it. I have them on all of my employees phones as well. Not only does it safely keep your phone attached to your pocket, your belt loop, your shirt collar or a pocketbook, it aids you to safely operate your phone with one hand if you purchase the Pivot model. Simply push the button turn the loop to either side if the phone, put one
Fahima M - Lake Ronkonkoma, New York
07/31/2018 - I found cliphanger at a home & garden show before they were available for purchase back in early 2000. I bought one then and have been using cliphangers ever since. I love this product!
Ellen V - Estes Park, CO
07/25/2018 - Love my Cliphanger. Used one for many years. Just got new phone so I want new pivit to match.
James N - Glenmont, Ohio
07/23/2018 - Very good system
don b - Woodbury, MN
07/21/2018 - Best purchase ever! I™ve used for quite a few years and give them as gifts.
Rose h - Galveston Tx
07/19/2018 - Long time Clipholder. Will not have a phone without one. Had to replace my phone face, so I'm ordering new tabs to transfer old hanger to new case. I've had this hanger several years.
Bertha M - Munday, Texas
07/19/2018 - bogo to be Stick Blue
07/19/2018 - I can™t function without my Cliphanger!! SOS!!
Bonnie L - Chesapeake, VA
07/16/2018 - Love the Cliphanger. Give them as gifts, and put them on almost every cell phone.
07/13/2018 - I met one of the original reps in Puerto Vallarta years ago at a Landmark Education course. Have been using Clip Hanger ever since!
Lauren L - Colorado Springs, CO
07/13/2018 - I found Cliphanger when my holster failed, over 10 years ago. Every new phone gets a new Cliphanger or Pivit, and car hooks work at home for charging, or just locating smart phone, wireless phone, and remotes.
Susan S - Valley Cottage, NY
07/10/2018 - Can't function without my Cliphanger. Have used for MANY years
Gail M - Dallas, TX
07/07/2018 - You guys are great. Love your product and always update product as new phones come out.
Manita B - Orange, CA
07/05/2018 - I've been using Cliphanger for 6+ years. After my first purchase, I upgraded to the Pivot feature. The Pivot gives a choice to pocket cell phone or use the clip to hang cell phone. The locking system on the pivot reliably keeps cell phone safe. I call my Cliphanger - "cliff-hanger" off my hip.
Frances W T - Pont Pleasant, NJ
07/05/2018 - This is my 3rd phone upgrade and with every upgrade I buy a new cliphanger to attach to my case - they last past my phones! They are a great way to securely hold onto your phone while using it and also to hang it in your car while using GPS to get somewhere. Love this product!
Adrienne M - Raleigh, NC
07/02/2018 - I've been a customer since they had only one kind of clips with lifetime warranty! It's been, like, 20 years??
Mayumi A - San Diego, CA
07/02/2018 - Ship White Stick to order address Ship Purple Stick to Jessica McOmie 2391 E Ellison Woods Ave SLC, UT 84121
Janet H - Payson, UT
07/01/2018 - I LOVE Cliphanger! It has saved me from losing my phone every day.
Lynley E - Alabama
06/29/2018 - I bought mine at the Clay County Fair years ago and really like it. If finally broke the other day.
Joyce E - Ogden, IA
06/28/2018 - Longtime user of cluphanger.... couldn't live without them.
Ronald W - Buffalo Grove
06/28/2018 - I have owned this product since there were only tin cans and string. I found it at the Jacksonville Home and Patio Show 10 years ago at least. I LOVE this product. Everyone who sees it asks about it. I let them know right away that no, you can't find it at your local store. Only ONLINE! I love the Quick Draw that I get and the security of not dropping a $1K device. Great product.
Selecia Y - JACKSONVILLE, Florida
06/26/2018 - Every time I upgrade to a new cel. phone I buy new clip hangers. They are the greatest. Patsy Squire
Patty S - Benton City WA 99320
06/19/2018 - This is the 4th time I have used Cliphanger. I love their cases as well as the clips. So convenient to have on my cell phone.
Debra A - La Mesa, CA
06/19/2018 - I could not function without my Cliphangers on so many of my electronics. I have a hook near my door to hang up my phone, iPod, and tablet at the end of each day so I can find them in the morning and hang it in my car when I'm on the road. An EXCELLENT GIFT for the "scatterbrained" person (me).
Joy H - Charlotte, NC
06/18/2018 - love my cliphanger...used them for many years, then got new phone and tried "pop socket" different type of device. NOT... Today ordered 2 pivits, one for husband and one for me, will never deviate again. Love the car hooks. Work out of my car and cant live without them.
Christie B - Scottsdale, AZ
06/18/2018 - ive used them for several years I really like them they secure my phone and I never lose it and barely know I have it on my side,
06/16/2018 - I love the cliphanger- have had them for 10 years and can't live without them on my phone!
06/16/2018 - Last product purchased do not stick to the cell phone cover case
Julian S - Wellington,FL
06/11/2018 - I have used these for years. Cannot imagine using a phone without one....good safety against dropping the phone when your hands are old & stiff. So many people have asked what it is and where I got it. Why aren't these sold in every cell phone store in America ?
Marlene C - Ft. Wayne, IN
06/11/2018 - I get asked about my Cliphanger all the time. "Never lost my phone," I always say. I like that I can clip it to my purse as well as pants.
Amy M - Dallas, TX
06/06/2018 - I've been using for years. I have no idea how anyone can live without them. I NEVER drop my phone
Margie C - Kerrville, TX
06/06/2018 - Have been a customer for about 10 years LOVE the clip hangers and the dash mounts. These things are bullet prof. Great warranty! My phone would be naked with out one. Will never be with out one.
Kyle L - wyo
06/06/2018 - I've had several clip hanger, I love them but they don't seem to last very long. My current one just broke so now I'm ordering 3 more.
Dominic B - SURPRISE
06/04/2018 - Love my Cliphanger wouldn't be without it
jan b - port ochard washingt
06/01/2018 - I'm ordering again!!!! Love this product!
Johanna A - chula Vista Ca.
06/01/2018 - I love Cliphanger! It makes it easy to find in my purse or car.
Kristen L - Sacramento, CA
05/31/2018 - These are the best things ever! I order a new one for each new phone that I get! :)
Shelley M - Millersburg, OH
05/31/2018 - Love My cliphanger......
Kristen P - West Jordan
05/28/2018 - I have been buying Cliphangers for over 15 years. They have saved me from many drops along with being a great way to store my phone without placing it in my pocket.
KP E - Madison, SD
05/26/2018 - Love this product, been using the cliphanger products for over a decade when I found it at the FAIR. The easiest way to clip onto your purse loop, jeans belt loop so it never falls out of your pocket, or bra strap when walking on beach; also works fantastic in car as hands free clip on hook..Best part it gives you a "handle" to slip 1 finger through to "hold onto" your phone so you don't drop it. And lasts virtually forever.
JANET M - Mission Viejo, CA