Customer Testimonials

02/17/2018 - have used for many years, can't be without, given as gifts
Joan R - Taylorsville, UT
02/17/2018 - Love, love, love my clip hanger! Have used mine for many years. I have referred others as well. Great product!!!
Denise F - Trafford, PA
02/11/2018 - Love my Cliphanger. Used for years and always get comments and where to buy. Great product - simple, efficient!
Judy G - Laguna Beach, CA
02/05/2018 - I have used clip hanger for many many years on my various models. It keeps your phone close and handy at all times. I highly recommend it.
Kathleen G - OR
02/01/2018 - I miss mine, I broke it while moving...have to get it back!!
02/01/2018 - Have used these for as long as I can remember. Love them. My first few broke when bending down when I attached it to my belt loop, but havenʻt had that issue for quite some time. Everybody tells me, Iʻm going to drop my phone, when they see it dangling and I just tell them “No, itʻs hooked by my cliphanger” and proceed to tell them how great it works.
Pam G - Albia, IA
02/01/2018 - I receive compliments and comments on my PIVT almost daily... Maybe I should be a wholesaler..
Cynthia K - Bear, Delaware
02/01/2018 - I have used ClipHanger for years, and I love the Pivot!
Maureen H - Las Vegas, NV
01/29/2018 - I sat in the Apple store today and explained the Cliphanger to two different customers. I told them how wonderful it is, its many applications and how I use the hooks all over the house and in the car so i can navigate using Google maps! I should get a commission.......!
christine S - Sydney, Australia
01/25/2018 - Use my coment.
Daryl H - Elk River, Mn
01/23/2018 - Amazing product - love Love LOVE them! I hang mine upside down (opposite of what™s shown in the instructional video) and on my belt loop so I just have to lift it up to see who™s calling without having to twist the phone around. It also keeps the clip out of camera lens and gives me a good anchor for my finger to hold the phone steady when I take pictures w my phone. I always order two as a backup - I™ll never be without one - EVER!!
Charma M - Las Vegas, NV
01/22/2018 - Cannot Live without these !! Pivit aluminum strong enough to use on my 10" Samsung tablet and IPad Mini. PIVIT perfect for reading on tab or phone. Thanks for a great product !
Julie B - Cortlandt Manor
01/19/2018 - I LOVE the pivot cases! I can attach my phone to my belt loop or purse and it doesn't fall out of my pocket. I've owned one for years now.
Rosemary L - Chelsea, MI
01/19/2018 - I love my ClipHanger! It is one of the best inventions ever. I™m ordering a new ClipHanger Pivot today for my new iPhone. I feel very secure using a ClipHanger, but until my new ClipHanger arrives it will be a little scary handling my new phone without one. I love the way it allows me to carry my phone with just one finger and other things as well in the same hand. (A book, or coffee cup, etc.) I only really need a new mounting pad but decided to get a new Pivot instead. I™ve been using my
Waynette K - Harlingen, Texas
01/18/2018 - My New iPhone X is Safe & Secure Hooked to my belt loop or purse. Words to can not explain the Feeling of Trust when taking Scenic pictures on the back of a Harley~
Denise F - Mesa, Arizona
01/16/2018 - Have used these for years! Wouldn't have a phone without them!
Mary T - Talladega, AL
01/16/2018 - Can't live without my Cliphanger and Autohooks! I've been using them for years. Great customer service and a 10-star product.
Inelda G - San Antonio TX
01/10/2018 - Quite literally hooked on Clip Hangers. We use them on the backs of all our remotes as well as phones. They're a staple in our house and in our RV!
CHERYL B - Morgan Hill, CA
01/08/2018 - WI STATE FAIR
Paul C - West allis
01/08/2018 - I was nice to talk with someone who cares to take time to solve my issue, even thought it was a small order.
Lucky S - Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
01/08/2018 - Great Product.. MR C
Cesar G - Vista,CA
01/07/2018 - Used for years love them.
Debbie B - SELMA
01/05/2018 - I have used Clip Hanger for many years and do not wish to be without one. I have referred others who see the item and want one.
Billie T - Wichita, KS
01/04/2018 - Love the cliphangers. Couldn;t do without them.
Margot A - Encinitas
01/03/2018 - Bought my first Cliphanger several years ago at a show. Have introduced it to may friends and NO ONE has ever been disappointied. In fact I can never have more than 1 at a time. They always dissapear.
Paula B - Cottonwood Heights, Utah
01/03/2018 - Got my first Cliphanger at the LA Fair and I've been in love ever since. I just love this product. I have tried other little gimmicks for phones but nothing works as well as the Cliphanger! I'll always have one for my phone!
Rebecca W - Monrovia, California
01/01/2018 - I have been using the cliphanger for a few years now on several different phones and bought them for my granddaughters phones also, and we love the cliphanger and tell my clients all the time about it and where they can get one. Thank you so much. A great product.
Lois H - Glen Burnie, MD
01/01/2018 - Oregon just passed a no-hands cell phone law. Hanging my phone on the dash with Cliphanger allows me to comply with the law and still see Google Maps and answer the phone with one touch (which is legal). At $260 for the first ticket, double that for the second and jail time for the third offense, I am now using Cliphanger keep me safe and out of jail!!!
Scott E - Salem, Oregon
12/31/2017 - I have been a cliphanger customer for several years, and I will continue to tell everyone how great this product is forever
Mark G - Georgia
12/28/2017 - Got a new phone, wouldn't have a cell phone without a Cliphanger.
Kent H - Friday Harbor, WA
12/26/2017 - Love this product. It is a must with each new phone! Constantly receive inquires about it when it is hanging on my purse.
Nancy F - Dallas, TX
12/24/2017 - My mom gave me one years ago... and I've been using these things every since.... car, belt loop, motorcycle, server rack while I'm working... far more useful and functional than you would think.
Rory D - Smyrna, GA
12/24/2017 - Used your products for many years. I always get comments and happy to give 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ referrals for Cliphanger!
Judy G - Laguna Beach, CA
12/22/2017 - cliphanger user for over 8 years. rides on my belt loop on my Harley with no regrets.
Kevin H - Grants Pass, OR
12/20/2017 - Love your products, especially the auto hook! Hate it when I have a rental car and can't hang my phone!
Cheryl L - Okeana, Ohio
12/19/2017 - Discovered these through a friend last year. Love it, phone hangs in car without sliding or hitting the floor! New phones so needed more.
Cynthia P - Eden, UT
12/15/2017 - I purchased the clip hanger for the first time 5 months ago. However, it broke after sitting in the car with it in my back pocket. I thought about not purchasing a new one, but after a couple of weeks without it, I missed the convenience and ease of having a clip hanger and got 2 during the BOGO holiday sale.
Valerie W - Charlotte, NC
12/15/2017 - Ordering 6 extra for stocking stuffers. Great gift. Many folks have admired mine, now they will get one of their own!
Robert H - Marietta, PA
12/15/2017 - Cliphanger draws comments all the time. People see mine and want to know where they can get one. I have extra hooks attached in many places... one is by the wall charger so I can keep it hung up while it charges, neatly out of the way. Another is on side of my night stand.
Karen R - SEAVIEW, Wa
12/14/2017 - Been using this product for years. Finding a black phone in a black purse lining is impossible. This product helps me find my phone all the time. Love it.
Diane H - Pace, FL
12/13/2017 - Bought first one weeks after the company (man) started--probably before On-Line was available, bought one or more every time obtained a new phone. No better way than ClipHanger ever found to carry my cell phone
Bonnie S - CA
12/12/2017 - I have used cliphanger for so many years I can not count them...wouldn't be without them.
Karen C - Waunakee WI
12/11/2017 - Amazing. Cannot use a phone without this! I buy extra so when I get a new phone I've got my Cliphanger Thanks so much!!
Carol C - Julian, California
12/08/2017 - My husband and I have been using clip hanger products for years and just love them.
Diane B - Seminole, FL
12/05/2017 - I love Cliphanger products, but I wish you would make the Pivot in CLEAR.
Jeanne M - Groton, CT
12/04/2017 - I have had one and Loved it for years!
SUSAN S - Vancouver, WA
12/02/2017 - I have used cliphangers for my last 4 phones - they are the BEST cases out there! I often am asked about the clip feature and proudly show off the case's distinctive and functional design. Thanks!!
Kristen R - Charleston, SC
12/02/2017 - Clip hanger is the Smartest accessory I have ever purchased for my iPhone.
Charles P - New London, CT
12/01/2017 - This was the only thing worth getting at the State Fair one year. I've had one ever since. Love them.
Sharon M - Wa
12/01/2017 - Been using Clip hanger for years-- great product- can take a lot of abuse--
Michael D - Sanger, Ca
12/01/2017 - Thank you for Cliphanger cannot live without them I tell everyone about them some say "look OUR you're about to loose your phone" No worries I have a clip hanger and look it pivots too! They're amazed. I breed Lab puppies and always in the muk of dogs always feel safe with my cliphanger and customers love that I alway take their calls 24/7 Cheryl check out your referral on my website
Cheryl Y - Oceanside, CA 92054
12/01/2017 - This is my third that I can pull my phone out of my purse easily, and makes it easier to hold while chatting. Adhesive has never come off! Great product.
Roberta K - Aiken, SC
12/01/2017 - These Clip hangers are the best
Bobbie P - Bluffdale, UT
11/29/2017 - I just got a new (but old model) iPhone, and have had a B%*$( of a time finding a decent case ~ one that is both deep red AND that offers protection for the MANY times I drop it. Returning to the Cliphanger may mean I can even keep a hold of my phone while traveling ~ I'm getting tired of digging it out of pockets... THANK YOU, Stephanie
Stephanie S - Dallas, TX
11/28/2017 - Bought my first cliphanger at a Christmas 🎄 bazaar in like 1996-98, well I haven't been without one since. And as long as they keep making them, I'll keep using them. Don't know how many I've given away. They are SO handy and I love to make people's lives easier. Thank you Cliphanger!! Keep up the great work.
Peggy F - Texarkana Texas
11/27/2017 - Cliphanger secures your phone to your person, makes taking pictures easier and hands-free in the car. BUT DO PAIR ALL PHONES TO THE VEHICLE.
Susan K - Indio, CA
11/27/2017 - Been using Cliphanger for years now starting with my iPhone 4. Best case. My husband won™t use any other.
Nancy T - Show Low, AZ
11/26/2017 - I have purchased a dozen or more Cliphangers over the years....I can't seem to function as well without one when I change phones, and have bought extras plus accessories to share with friends! Thank you for a great product. And thank you for your great customer service!
Nancy F - Cudjoe Key, Florida
11/25/2017 - Been using Cliphangers for years. On not only my phone but I-Pad & Bose mini speaker too!
Tom B - St. Petersbug, FL
11/23/2017 - I have used a Cliphanger for a few years now. On a least 3 phones. Love it...
Penny E - Kent Ohio
11/23/2017 - Being able to clip my phone on my jeans or purse makes it so much easier to access. I have had use of this product on several phones. I refer people to the web site all the time. They always ask where to get them.
Nancy G - Prescott, AZ
11/23/2017 - I may change phones, but I'll always stick with Cliphanger!
Sheree N - Gaithersburg, MD
11/22/2017 - I love clip hanger. This is my 4th one. I™ve even given one to my mom as s gift!
Kim T - Huntington Beach, CA