Customer Testimonials

04/16/2018 - I'm so happy I found clip hangers! I love their products and plan to use the for a long time to come!
Marcy A - Greensboro, NC
04/12/2018 - Longtime happy customer!n
Tom R B - St Petersburg, Fl
04/12/2018 - We've been customers since 2005 or 2006 and love the product. We're glad you are still around and producing the Cliphanger! It works great.
Karen B - Seattle WA
04/04/2018 - Cliphanger has helped me keep up with my phone on the job and I refer people weekly to the website to order one!
Spring N - Memphis, TN
04/03/2018 - My hand instinctually slips a finger through the Cliphanger loop, and I never drop my phone any more. It's much easier to pull out of my phone pouch, too. I love these things!
Lylah B - Rancho Cucamonga CA
04/02/2018 - I have used Cliphanger for over 10 years and do not want to be without it.
ALVIN L - Heath, Texas
04/02/2018 - I love these! I always know where my phone is!
Nadine C - Cottonwood, AZ
03/30/2018 - Have been using Cliphangers for YEARS!!!! Love your product.
Tenley T - Medford,OR 97504
03/27/2018 - I love my cliphanger and have been a customer for MANY years! What a great invention! Thank you! Shelley
Shelley M - Millersburg, Ohio
03/22/2018 - The Clip Hanger Pivit is a great product and works well with my iPhone 6 Plus!
John T - Vista, CA.
03/21/2018 - Same as above.
Noel B - Oxnard, California
03/20/2018 - Feel lost without mine! My kids broke my last one and had to order a new one right away.
Tracey B - Carmel, IN
03/09/2018 - I love this product. Everyone who sees mine loves it. I just broke mine (COMPLETELY my fault - the things are Tough!) I must have another!! :)
Sonja S - Folsom, CA
03/08/2018 - Excellent Product. Wouldn't be without it. Every case has a Cliphanger. I change cases around just for fun. Pivot is best concept.
Ann G - Gold Canyon, AZ
03/05/2018 - So many people warn me that my phone is about to fall off my lap ...when in reality, it's hanging safely & securely from my belt loop w/ my Cliphanger! This invariably leads to my bragging to them about the best phone holder ever made. I can always find my phone & have used Cliphangers for as long as they have been making them... 15 years, at least??? Great product, wonderful customer service & website if you ever need anything or have a question.
Leila H - Mandeville, Louisiana
03/04/2018 - I purchase my first clip hanger five years ago and have not been without a clip hanger all this time. I have so many people that ask me about it and I tell them it is one of the best buys I have ever made. It makes my phone so easy to access in so many ways that I cannot imagine being without it. I am a realtor and I live my live and business through my phone.
TeddyAnn M - Minneapolis, MN
03/04/2018 - I have bought and used Clip Hanger for many years and people always ask me what is on my phone. When I explain it to them and tell them where to buy online they are interested. Would not carry a phone without my handy cliphanger
carol y - Tyler, Texas
03/02/2018 - Love the cases, saved my phone twice after getting dropped in water (over 10 years). Excellent product
Karen J - West Valley City Utah
03/01/2018 - Such a great way to keep my phone within reach, not having to scramble for it in my purse. I wouldn't think of going without. It's as essential as my phone itself.
Diane C - Lady Lake, Florida
03/01/2018 - This is my second Cliphanger case - I just updated my phone to a newer version, and I certainly want to protect it and have a "home" for it when I am driving or whatever. I am grateful that you have come up with this excellent way to protect and use my phone.
Shirley H - Timberon, NM 88350
03/01/2018 - everyone loves my clip hanger & asks where to get it
Patricia G - Fresno, CA
03/01/2018 - I purchased my first Stick back in the 1900's, lol... No really, I worked for our local cable company from, 1991-2012, as a customer service representative we were always given some kind of little gift from our promoters such as HBO, Showtime, Etc and this was a gift I received, didn't know what it was at first, but once I started using it I loved it especially because I was always putting my phone down somewhere and couldn't find it, I love the fact that I can hang this on my belt loop or hang
JOANNE K - Buffalo,NY
02/27/2018 - Most practical phone accessory ever !
Judith L - Indianapolis, In
02/25/2018 - The cliphanger has saved me many times as I have a lanyard attached to it and very often I can™t find my phone, but suddenly see a lanyard hanging out of something...and phone is found!!!
Merrie D - New York, NY
02/23/2018 - I™ve used Cliphangers for years and always keep a spare just in case.
Sheryl N - Belton, MO
02/20/2018 - I have been a customer for several years. I feel that using a Cliphanger is the best way to carry my phone everywhere I go.
Shandell G - Tierra Verde, Florida
02/17/2018 - have used for many years, can't be without, given as gifts
Joan R - Taylorsville, UT
02/17/2018 - Love, love, love my clip hanger! Have used mine for many years. I have referred others as well. Great product!!!
Denise F - Trafford, PA
02/11/2018 - Love my Cliphanger. Used for years and always get comments and where to buy. Great product - simple, efficient!
Judy G - Laguna Beach, CA
02/05/2018 - I have used clip hanger for many many years on my various models. It keeps your phone close and handy at all times. I highly recommend it.
Kathleen G - OR
02/01/2018 - I miss mine, I broke it while moving...have to get it back!!
02/01/2018 - Have used these for as long as I can remember. Love them. My first few broke when bending down when I attached it to my belt loop, but havenʻt had that issue for quite some time. Everybody tells me, Iʻm going to drop my phone, when they see it dangling and I just tell them “No, itʻs hooked by my cliphanger” and proceed to tell them how great it works.
Pam G - Albia, IA
02/01/2018 - I receive compliments and comments on my PIVT almost daily... Maybe I should be a wholesaler..
Cynthia K - Bear, Delaware
02/01/2018 - I have used ClipHanger for years, and I love the Pivot!
Maureen H - Las Vegas, NV
01/29/2018 - I sat in the Apple store today and explained the Cliphanger to two different customers. I told them how wonderful it is, its many applications and how I use the hooks all over the house and in the car so i can navigate using Google maps! I should get a commission.......!
christine S - Sydney, Australia
01/25/2018 - Use my coment.
Daryl H - Elk River, Mn
01/23/2018 - Amazing product - love Love LOVE them! I hang mine upside down (opposite of what™s shown in the instructional video) and on my belt loop so I just have to lift it up to see who™s calling without having to twist the phone around. It also keeps the clip out of camera lens and gives me a good anchor for my finger to hold the phone steady when I take pictures w my phone. I always order two as a backup - I™ll never be without one - EVER!!
Charma M - Las Vegas, NV
01/22/2018 - Cannot Live without these !! Pivit aluminum strong enough to use on my 10" Samsung tablet and IPad Mini. PIVIT perfect for reading on tab or phone. Thanks for a great product !
Julie B - Cortlandt Manor