Customer Testimonials

12/05/2019 - Have used the Cliphanger case for many years and love the product.
Mary W - St. Cloud, MN
12/04/2019 - I just got a new phone and cover and I cannot be without the cliphanger (Pivit) Best hanger, holder and clip.
Sharon G - Palm Coast, Florida
12/03/2019 - I love my clip hangers. I have used them for over 10 years now and won’t go without it!
Karen G - Ca
12/02/2019 - Have loved using Cliphanger for many years. Best invention ever
Tracey H - Surfers Paradise, Australia
12/02/2019 - I have used Cliphanger on many my phones for years - before the Pivit or KickStand. I was recently lured away to other intriguing accessories. That departure was short lived as I am now 100% convinced of what I already knew and shouldn't have questioned. Cliphanger is the most versatile and convenient mobile phone handling accessory available.
Charles B - Rockwall,Texas
11/30/2019 - Love, Love, Love My Stick Holder. Bought one Years ago at the O.C. Fair. Always Must Have One on My Phone!
Carol C - Long Beach, CA
11/30/2019 - Great products and great customer service! We have been using Cliphanger products since the early 2000's.
LeeAnn H - Modesto, CA
11/30/2019 - Love, love this product, have used it for a very long time.
Betty H - Rogers, AR
11/29/2019 - It has been many years since I found Cliphanger at a Home and Garden show, maybe twenty years. I have used them ever since and can't imagine not having one.
Sharon N - Arlington, TX
11/29/2019 - H
Kathie B - Ashland, IL
11/27/2019 - I've been using ClipHanger since they first came out at Walmart about 14 years ago. People are amazed when they see one and I give them this website.
Carmen C - Albuquerque, NM
11/27/2019 - I have used clip hanger products for over 15 years with every phone I have owned. The most convenient phone accessory I have ever seen. I even use auto hooks inside my house to hang my phone on.
Darrell R - Arlington Texas
11/24/2019 - When I was introduced to my first cliphanger I have never used anything else since. I have never dropped my phone. I love this product.
Jennifer B - San Diego CA
11/22/2019 - I LOVE this product so much. I found them at the Jacksonville Home Show 10 years ago. I have worn them out as I love them so much!!! EVERY phone has one. I am Quick Draw McGraw with mine.
Selecia Y - Jacksonville, Florida
11/22/2019 - I have been using clip hanger for probably 15 years after seeing it demonstrated at a Washington State Fair. Bought several for friends and family. In all that time, only one broke. Replacing it today.
Lyle G - Newport, RI
11/18/2019 - Fantastic product, been using them for years.
Bob L - Tacoma WA
11/18/2019 - i went to massanutten ski resort like 25 years ago and saw this and I had to have it and I have used them never since for my cell love love
Lisa B - richmond va
11/15/2019 - Cliphanger is an absolute necessity for any cell phone user.
Diane K - Melbournem, FL
11/14/2019 - Love my Cliphangers! First found them at a flea market more than 10 years ago. Just got a new phone, and first stop was to purchase my Cliphanger case with the Pivit. SO handy to be able to hold my phone between my teeth when I need hands free and don't have pockets. And love the ability to clip it onto purse or even bra straps. The autohook keeps it always secure and available in the car, even in the event of an accident. Five star rating!!
Kris S - Colorado Springs, CO
11/07/2019 - Have used this for many years. Got the first one at the State Fair of Texas. The kickstand is great!
Luana S - Highland Village TX
11/06/2019 - Been using cliphanger since the very first Apple iPhone. Will never have a different case.
Brooklyn M - Jacksonville, AL
11/05/2019 - A friend told me about cliphanger years ago, when there wasn't even a Pivit. I use them on everything now!
Linda K J - Fort Bragg, Ca
11/04/2019 - LOVE Cliphanger! Can't imagine trying to keep track of my phone without it. Without the Clip, I tend to misplace, drop, or leave the phone behind. Cases offer exceptional protection, Clips are surprisingly durable, have only had one break in 10 yrs.
Carol S - Gothenburg, NE
10/31/2019 - I love Cliphanger!
Shauna B - TEXAS
10/31/2019 - Been using clip hanger products for over 10 years and I would be lost without them
Darrell R - Arlington Texas
10/27/2019 - I have used cliphangers so many years. They will break if you drop your phone just right which happened to me today. Ordering 5 new tonight. Hate to go a few days without one on my phone. Watch the demos. These hangers I cannot live without. I love the ease of them. So functional in so many ways.
Carol Y - Tyler, TX
10/24/2019 - We have used clip hangers and cases for years. We won't trust our iPhones to any other case. The people that I have dealt with at the company have been very pleasant and seem dedicated to customer satisfaction.
Kent H - Friday Harbor, WA
10/23/2019 - I have used Cliphanger for over 15 years. First saw it at the Texas State Fair. It eliminates the uncomfortable feeling of phone in back pocket and phone falling out of shirt pocket (sometimes into a pool). Easy to use and the new Kickstand ring provides additional options for holding or sitting the phone.
AL L - Heath, Texas
10/22/2019 - The BEST!
Andrea P - Neptune Beach, FL
10/22/2019 - I bought our first at Springfield, MO NSRA. We absolutely cannot do without. I always carry a spare for people who ask about it.
Angie S - Springdale AR
10/20/2019 - Been using this for a long long time. Would be lost without it!!
Nora G - Richmond Texas
Melinda H - Chesapeake, VA
Bonnielee S - Avenel, NJ
10/15/2019 - love this device have had one for many years....
SUSAN B - Palatka FL,
10/15/2019 - Your products are GREAT ! T/U John was so nice and informal to me.
Sherrill K - Cairo,Ga
10/14/2019 - I have been using Cliphangers for over 10 years and wouldn't know how to live without one. I'm so happy they have the iPhone 11 cases available. I would be misplacing my phone all the time without the Cliphanger.
Patti B - Pahrump, NV
10/13/2019 - I have used the cliphanger for years and I wouldn't want to be without one...
10/10/2019 - I keep having to buy more because they keep on snapping. Which color, if any, has fewer snaps?
Rodney R - East Greenwich, RI
10/09/2019 - I have been a customer for YEARS, since Texas and now AZ.. Best product ever!
Mickie S - SEDONA, AZ
10/09/2019 - I had a problem using the pivot function and they gladly sent me a replacement. I've had several over the years and they keep my phone safe as I have dropped it many times.
Anita P - Dallas, TX
10/08/2019 - everyone needs this!
nancy h - CA
10/06/2019 - I've been using cliphanger for about 10 years now and can't live without it. Best product ever!
Susie G - Wollongong NSW Australia
09/30/2019 - Great product! We've been using them for years. Never drop or lose your phone again. (Well almost never.)
Scott N - Brigham City, Utah
09/30/2019 - LOVE ♥️ ❣️LOVE♥️❣️LOVE♥️❣️ Cliphanger for Years‼️ I Can’t Live without it‼️😁 Totally makes phone life 100% more manageable, Thankfully. Best thing since these phones❗️🤯
Jane I - Colleyville, Texas
09/29/2019 - Love this product hope the kickstand will stick to my magnet stand
James G - Sandy Utah
09/28/2019 - Great product! I recommend it to everyone!
Daryl H - Elk River, Mn
09/24/2019 - I have been a long, long time existing customer and I cannot live without my cliphanger! A new phone just does not feel right without it! I will not get a new phone until i can get a cliphanger case for it! So glad the new ones are out and I can get my new iPhone!!!
Mark B - Houston, TX
09/23/2019 - I have been a Cliphanger customer since they first came out. Love them. They help not drop my phone. They help me retrieve my phone out of my back pants pocket. Can't wait to get the new style one with the ring on the back that acts like an esiel.
Bertha M - Munday, Texas
09/21/2019 - I have been a loyal user since nearly it's debut. I have only managed to break 1 Stick, Pivots have never broken on me. Very durable phone clips that will hang on nearly anything. I have bought more dash clips than I have clip hangars. Just sayin.
Jerome G - Princeton, MN
09/20/2019 - I am a Realtor and have been using Clip Hanger for many years. Clip Hanger allows me to open a lock box, while holding papers, files, etc and all the other things that require many hands. Clip Hanger is like having a THIRD hand!
Laura K - Milwaukee WI
09/18/2019 - Great company with great products and outstanding customer service!!! Dovey
Lou R - Dallas, TX
09/17/2019 - I've been using Cliphanger for probably close to a decade and have become a Cliphanger evangelist! People who have pop sockets look at it with envy.
Elisa M - Costa Mesa, CA
09/17/2019 - I've been using cliphanger pivits for years now and couldn't own a cell phone without it. I just wish they had the clear "light" one in the pivit. I had to purchase a stick this time to get the light.
Janet H - Statesville, NC
09/17/2019 - Have used ClipHanger for at least 10 yrs. Love them. Got my husband to use it along with the attachment for car. He likes them too. Thanks for a great idea!!!!
Ina Jo S - Bonham, TX
09/17/2019 - Even strangers are intrigued by such a convenient way to wear my phone on my hip. So glad I found cliphanger years ago at Del Mar county fair.
Suzanne E - San Diego, CA
09/17/2019 - This is the best phone product. I have been using them for years.
LaRea A - Tyler, TX
09/15/2019 - Well, after 5 years my original finally had been flexed enough times and gave way. Had multiple people try and get me to try the other various holders out there, but, no, nothing felt rights, so after only 24 hours, I am online getting a replacement (with kickstand upgrade) so that I won't have to worry about my phone again!
SJ G - Waterloo, IA
09/13/2019 - Best thing yet for phones
Wendell R - Springfield
09/13/2019 - My husband wouldn’t be without his cliphangar. They do break and we have to get another put on soon!
Debbie K - Easton Mo
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