Customer Testimonials

12/11/2018 - I can not live without my Cliphanger! It keeps me from dropping my phone and damaging it because it is always securely attached to my purse or my clothes. I love it because it allows me to hang my phone on the waistband of whatever pants I’m wearing (leggings or even a tennis skirt) or the neck of a dress as I’m walking around the house or outside working in the keeps my phone safely on my body even when i dont have pockets or a purse.
Ronda F - New Orleans, Louisiana
12/10/2018 - I have been using these for years. Wouldn’t be without it. Love them!
Rita H - Waterford, WI
12/09/2018 - My original stick is still going strong coming on to ten years now. Looking forward to trying the pivit--just because!
Karen L - Grand Valley, Ontario
12/05/2018 - Got new Galaxy S9. Need need new pivit case. Can't live without it. I've used Cliphanger for 10+ years. Always pleased. Jim
James N - Glenmont, OH
12/03/2018 - This is my second Cliphanger Pivit and I love them. Makes life easier and I don't have to worry about drooping/losing my phone.
Harold R - Harrisburg, NC
12/01/2018 - Couldn't stand to be without!
Debbie K - Harlingen, Texas
12/01/2018 - Years ago we got these at a county fair.and still recommend them to friends and family. I never have to search for my phone ,by rummaging through my purse, or digging into my pockets! It's convenient and stylish, too!
Cynthia D - Long Beach, CA
12/01/2018 - See above
Sharon D - Fenton, Michigan
11/29/2018 - A must have...
Karen C - Waunakee WI
11/28/2018 - Add to the description that the kick stand Works both ways or not. I was so disappointed when I put it on my phone and only stood up one way. I did appreciate the prompt responsive when I questioned it. I LOVE MY CLIPHAGER !!!!!
MICHELLE C - Metairie,LA
11/28/2018 - Used one for years. SIMPLY THE BEST WAY TO KEEP YOUR PHONE.
Russell S - Palm City, Florida
11/22/2018 - Great product- great little gift!
John L - Savannah, GA
11/20/2018 - I'm one of the original customers from way back A silly gift from my wife I thought but haven't stopped using it since. I've actually had many people inquire "What is that thing" and after showing it off, I referred them to the website. Love it, won't be without it.
John P - Macomb. IL
11/20/2018 - Love clip hanger. Have had one since I got my first phone. First learned about you from a vendor at a local holiday craft show.
Kathryn R - Colorado Springs, CO
11/18/2018 - I seriously don’t know how I would have not lost or destroyed a phone by now if it were not for my ClipHanger! People are constantly asking me about them!
Claudia L - Santa Barbara, California
11/15/2018 - Love your product!
Debbie B - Mechanicsville
11/14/2018 - Have used a Clip Hangar case since my IPhone 4 days. Just purchased an IPhone 6s, and getting a Clip Hangar case for it was my first move. Couldn't do without it!
PATRICIA C - Fairbanks, AK
11/11/2018 - Have used since first came out. Still the best for hanger ever
Darlene D - OK
11/09/2018 - My parents and I have been using Cliphanger for years. It makes carrying your phone so much easier or if you need to free up your hands just hang your phone on your bag or pants. We really like the Cliphanger products and def recommend them. Also, Good customer service!
April V - Raleigh, NC
11/07/2018 - I have used Cliphanger for years!! I don't know what I would do without it!
Debrah P - Davenport, Florida
11/05/2018 - I first saw (and bought) a Cliphanger at a major electronics store. I will NEVER use anything else! This product is the BEST! I also won't buy anything other than the Pivot. I have one that I bought several years (and a few phones) ago and it's still in great shape. Everyone is always commenting on my Cliphanger and I always tell them where to go to get one. Thank you Cliphanger for inventing such a GREAT product!!
Traci S - Fredericksburg, Tx.
11/04/2018 - I LOVE my Clip Hanger case! I never fear dropping my phone because I can hold it by the clip. I no longer put my phone in my back pocket, because I can now clip it to my belt loop. Awesome product!!!!
Marcy A - Greensboro, NC
11/03/2018 - I've been using Cliphanger for several years. I can't be without one. Great product.
Janelle M - Olathe, KS
10/28/2018 - I have used the clip hangars for well over 10 years, so when I get a new phone, I take it off of it but never had extra adhesives to reattach to another phone. Now I will!
Pam G - Redmond, Oregon
10/28/2018 - I'm always afraid I'll drop or lose my new phone before I get a new Cliphanger case. My secure tether since handheld cell phones were invented.
Mary F - Raleigh, NC
10/25/2018 - My wife loves these things as they make it easy for her to keep track of her phone in the car and around the house
John B - Marysville WA
Cindy L - Bethel, NC
10/18/2018 - Had a Cliphanger years ago but did not get one for my new phone. Miss i
Albert D - Lamar, MO
10/17/2018 - Can't live without my hook!!
Darlene F - Penn Valley
10/16/2018 - My husband has used these clips for years and can't do without. They last a long time but when they break, he has to get another one. Great product! I love the new pivit features. Looking forward to having my husband check them out.
Michele W - Austell, GA
10/13/2018 - I have been buying cliphangers since the company started
Janet C - Keizer Oregon
10/11/2018 - We love our Cliphangers. Now, with new phones, we are moving up to the cases.
David J - Saint Paul, MN
10/11/2018 - New iPhone, new Cliphanger - ALWAYS!
Michele N - California
10/01/2018 - Big fan! Can’t live without it!!
Sharon E - West Hartford, CT
10/01/2018 - Love your product
Marge S - PEORIA
09/29/2018 - This is the 3rd time I have ordered from them. My others have had the need to be replaced.
Darius C - Albany, Ga
09/28/2018 - I have mine on my belt loop and when I get up from eating out and someone says, your phone is falling out of your pocket and I tell them that it won't go any where. They want to see it and ask more about it. They say I have to get one of those and so I tell them that I've had mine since we saw these at the NY State Fair about 8- 9 years now. I gave them the email it's easy That is all you have to do.
Sue K - Galway, NY
09/25/2018 - Can't live without it. I broke mine when i was out of town and i nearly went crazy trying to figure out what to do with my phone. i was so used to hanging it on my purse or belt loop. So i would drop it in my purse and spend forever looking for it.
Barbara S - Jourdanton, Texas
09/25/2018 - We have used Cliphanger sticks for many years, and we have always been pleased with them.
Lucy B - Santa Ana, CA
09/24/2018 - I have been using Cliffhanger for about 10 years. Absolutely love it!! I have given these to friends. When asked "what is on my phone I tell them how wonderful it is. I'm a realtor and makes it handy to put on my finger to hold.
JOELANN W - Belton, TX
09/23/2018 - Ive had the same one on my phone for 5+ yrs & I love it. I'm ordering these for gifts.
Alice S - Pasco, WA
09/20/2018 - A great product. An easy way to carry your iPhone on your pants or in your car. Easy to access phone.
Richard C - Orange CA
09/17/2018 - Love the cliphanger. Have used one for a number of years. It is a very handy and clever device. Just got a new phone, so this is the first accessory I am purchasing!
Gary S - Branson, MO
09/17/2018 - I have used cliphangers for years. I can't do without one!
Rose S - Escanaba, MI
09/13/2018 - Love your product. Have been a user for years. Fixes many of the frustrations of the cell phone!
Kathy S - Richmond, Tx