Customer Testimonials

10/18/2018 - Had a Cliphanger years ago but did not get one for my new phone. Miss i
Albert D - Lamar, MO
10/17/2018 - Can't live without my hook!!
Darlene F - Penn Valley
10/16/2018 - My husband has used these clips for years and can't do without. They last a long time but when they break, he has to get another one. Great product! I love the new pivit features. Looking forward to having my husband check them out.
Michele W - Austell, GA
10/13/2018 - I have been buying cliphangers since the company started
Janet C - Keizer Oregon
10/11/2018 - We love our Cliphangers. Now, with new phones, we are moving up to the cases.
David J - Saint Paul, MN
10/11/2018 - New iPhone, new Cliphanger - ALWAYS!
Michele N - California
10/01/2018 - Big fan! Can™t live without it!!
Sharon E - West Hartford, CT
10/01/2018 - Love your product
Marge S - PEORIA
09/29/2018 - This is the 3rd time I have ordered from them. My others have had the need to be replaced.
Darius C - Albany, Ga
09/28/2018 - I have mine on my belt loop and when I get up from eating out and someone says, your phone is falling out of your pocket and I tell them that it won't go any where. They want to see it and ask more about it. They say I have to get one of those and so I tell them that I've had mine since we saw these at the NY State Fair about 8- 9 years now. I gave them the email it's easy That is all you have to do.
Sue K - Galway, NY
09/25/2018 - Can't live without it. I broke mine when i was out of town and i nearly went crazy trying to figure out what to do with my phone. i was so used to hanging it on my purse or belt loop. So i would drop it in my purse and spend forever looking for it.
Barbara S - Jourdanton, Texas
09/25/2018 - We have used Cliphanger sticks for many years, and we have always been pleased with them.
Lucy B - Santa Ana, CA
09/24/2018 - I have been using Cliffhanger for about 10 years. Absolutely love it!! I have given these to friends. When asked "what is on my phone I tell them how wonderful it is. I'm a realtor and makes it handy to put on my finger to hold.
JOELANN W - Belton, TX
09/23/2018 - Ive had the same one on my phone for 5+ yrs & I love it. I'm ordering these for gifts.
Alice S - Pasco, WA
09/20/2018 - A great product. An easy way to carry your iPhone on your pants or in your car. Easy to access phone.
Richard C - Orange CA
09/17/2018 - Love the cliphanger. Have used one for a number of years. It is a very handy and clever device. Just got a new phone, so this is the first accessory I am purchasing!
Gary S - Branson, MO
09/17/2018 - I have used cliphangers for years. I can't do without one!
Rose S - Escanaba, MI
09/13/2018 - Love your product. Have been a user for years. Fixes many of the frustrations of the cell phone!
Kathy S - Richmond, Tx
09/08/2018 - I have uesed Cliphanger for years ! It™s great if you are a phone dropper like me this cuts it in half I Love it
Liza B - Sylvan Lake Michigan
09/04/2018 - I've been using clip hanger since I found it at a fair 10 or so years ago. Have never dropped my phone. I lost it once when I took t out of my pocket and left it on the counter. Now I attach a lanyard to the clip when I put it in my back pocket. Haven't lost it since (4 years ago)
Sue L - Lacey, WA
09/04/2018 - They are the best to pull out from a pocket or a purse and then a handy and safe way to hold the phone or an e-reader.
Petra H - Prague, Oklahoma
09/04/2018 - I have loved this product for 20 years or more
Lisa B - Richmond va
09/03/2018 - Love my clip hanger. After many years mine just broke and I™m feeling lost without it. Stocking up on new ones now so that won™t happen again.
Iris G - Huntington Beach, CA
09/01/2018 - I have been buying Cliphangers for several years now. I have bought some from individuals and I was not satisfied at all. Great Product!
Cherri W - Houston, Texas
09/01/2018 - The Pivot is an excellent device and have used many years However ProCases are of extremely POOR quality and mine only lasted a year before it broke. The pivot clip is still going strong.
Patrick D - Denver CO
09/01/2018 - I've been using a cliphanger pivit on my phone for years. People always ask me about it and want to know where to get one. I think if I had a pocket full of them I could have sold hundreds of them.
Heidi T - Kansas City MO
08/27/2018 - I owned the original when they came on the market several years ago. Dependable and never encountered a problem. Quit using them as cell phone cameras improved. With the pivot, no worries about blocking the lens. Thanks!
Carlos M - Chula Vista, California
08/27/2018 - Love your product! So easy to use, durable and functional.
Teri s - Escondido
08/23/2018 - Bought my first Cliphanger Years ago at the Wisconsin State Fair. LOVE it. Joe Maydak
Joseph M - Streamwood, IL
08/22/2018 - We have been using Cliphanger for several years and love it. Now just waiting for my new one to arrive. Can't wait.
Patti G - Penn Yan, New York
08/20/2018 - Love, Love, Love this product! I'm pretty clumsy with my phone...this has saved me many a screen I am sure!
Joyce K - Olathe, KS
08/19/2018 - Awesome product!! I am a high school teacher and I never have to be careful where I set down my phone!! Never a worry it might be stolen!!
Diana A - Fresno
08/16/2018 - I have been using the Clip Hanger for years and have so many people who have got one of their own. They are perfect for no pockets and always able to track your heart steps every day.
Nancy S - BURLINGTON North Carolina
08/15/2018 - I've been using Cliffhangers for at least 15 years. I love them!! They make it easy and convenient to access my phone wherever I put it. Thank you for creating such an amazing product!
Kathryn M - Chula Vista, CA
08/14/2018 - Been a fan of Clphangers and cases for years! I always get comments about them, so I keep several sticks and various domes on hand as they make great gifts for any age. Fun and really useful!
Judy G - LAGUNA Beach, CA
08/13/2018 - I™ve been using Cliphangers for more than 5 years, and have yet to find anything that comes close for convenience and secure carrying.
Richard G - Livonia, MI
08/12/2018 - Been using them for many years on various phones. Works great and has never failed.
Daniel R - Kawkawlin, MI
08/12/2018 - Love my Cliphanger saves my phone everyday. Makes it so easy to safely carry
Carolyn D - Gresham, OR
08/12/2018 - Love these things. Have been using them for ten year now. Wish they made a HOT PINK one! (hint,hint)
Caroline D - Driftwood, TX
08/11/2018 - I have used you for 15 plus years... I™m seriously addicted to your product. My mom, my sister and my daughter all use clip hangers. ive only replaced cliphanger because I™m ready for a new look on a new phone.
Lisa H - Dallas, TX
08/11/2018 - Really a great product! I carry and need to access my phone all day long. Cliphanger makes it easy.
Steven U - Portland, Oreogn
08/10/2018 - ME TOO ! I've been using Cliphangers for more years than I can count and I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THEM. I have them attached to many items I need to keep close at hand. Friends and family have threatened to steal the ones I am already using ! Therefore I am one of your best spokesmen.
Carol H - Chicago Illinois
08/02/2018 - I have been a customer for YEARS! Have gifted or turned lots onto Cliphanger!
Laura L - Elizabethtown
08/01/2018 - I've been using Cliphanger for years and always get asked about it! It is so convenient that now I unconsciously slip it onto my belt loop or purse and I know it will be there. Thanks!
Tammy B - Washington, UT
08/01/2018 - Cliphanger is by far the most superior and safest cell phone clip on the market. I've been using them for many many years. I absolutely love it and cannot live without it. I have them on all of my employees phones as well. Not only does it safely keep your phone attached to your pocket, your belt loop, your shirt collar or a pocketbook, it aids you to safely operate your phone with one hand if you purchase the Pivot model. Simply push the button turn the loop to either side if the phone, put one
Fahima M - Lake Ronkonkoma, New York
07/31/2018 - I found cliphanger at a home & garden show before they were available for purchase back in early 2000. I bought one then and have been using cliphangers ever since. I love this product!
Ellen V - Estes Park, CO
07/25/2018 - Love my Cliphanger. Used one for many years. Just got new phone so I want new pivit to match.
James N - Glenmont, Ohio