Pivit...Our best Cliphanger gives you the most features of any phone attachment on the market. It helps you Hold, Use and Carry your phone. One finger texting and selfies are a breeze. Pivit locks for added security and is compatible with wireless charging. The Kickstand Ring holder option makes video watching more pleasurable. (Kickstand Ringholder option is not compatible with wireless charging). We include 2 adhesives, one for now and one for your next phone. Pivit has a 3 year no questions asked warranty, and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!!
PIVIT $19.95
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Pivit is compatible with wireless charging but not with the Kickstand Ring Holder or Domes option (becomes too thick). Our Kickstand Ring Holder will also work with your Magnetic car holder. Please Note: Our 3M adhesive will not adhere to phones with glass backs. If you choose not to purchase our Cliphanger Case, make sure your phone / case has a hard flat plastic surface. Some cases are made with non-stick plastic or rubber. In this case you will want to try our LifeProof Patch. For a guaranteed permanent bond get our Gorilla Glue found in the accessory section. Do not attempt to mount to leather, it will tear.
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