Customer Reviews

07/20/2021 - I have had a clip hanger for quite a while-love the convenience of hanging my home portable phone on my belt loop
Charlotte R - Livonia Mi
07/20/2021 - I have been using these for years. They're very convenient, but they do break. Even so, I am buying some more.
07/16/2021 - I've used them on all my phones for years. Can't figure out why Cliphangers are not being used on everyone's phones. Great product.
Ronald V - Las Vegas, NV
07/12/2021 - One of those items I couldn’t live without!!!
Claudia L - Santa Barbara, California
07/10/2021 - I have been a Cliphanger customer for decades, ever since I purchased one in Houston, TX at a booth at the Strawberry Festival. I was "hooked" immediately and never looked back. I wear mine on my front belt loop and if I have a pair of pants that do not have belt loops, I add one just for my phone. People are always telling me my phone is falling out of my pocket, then I show them the Cliphanger and they are amazed. Hopefully many end up buying one for themselves too.
Deb R - Glen Mills, PA
07/06/2021 - I have been using cliphangers since the first version and love them. I have progressed to the case with the kickstand. Impressed with the quality, color choices and protection for my phone. Love the kickstand! Great products - highly recommend!
Constance M - Windsor Ontario,
07/06/2021 - I've used cliphangers on a variety of phones for probably close to 20 years. They're great and I wouldn't have a phone without a cliphanger. 5 Stars.
Neil S - Laguna Beach, California
07/06/2021 - My parents and I have been customers for years. Definitely recommend Cliphanger!
April V - Raleigh, NC
07/02/2021 - We bought our first Cliphangers at the State Fair when they were a brand new product. (Maybe 20 years ago?) We took a chance and have used them ever since, through all our various phones. Thank you. We like them better than all the other brands and designs.
Karen B - Seattle Washington
06/27/2021 - This is just the best and the company is so easy to work with. Love the product CLIPHANGER
Suzanne S - Menifee, CA
06/22/2021 - My wife would literally end our marriage over not having a clip hanger for her phone...
Charles L - Lenoir, NC
06/19/2021 - I've been buying Cliphangars for many years now and can't imagine not having one on my phone. They're so much more practical and useful than the new phone knobs I see people using.
Debbi B - Weimar Texas
06/18/2021 - Absolutely will not even consider any other brand of case for my phone. I’ve used Cliphanger products for over 10 yrs now because they’re the BEST. Nothing else compares.
Angela B - Grain Valley, MO
06/18/2021 - Love cliphanger! Had for years & hope next one arrives before my new phone does
Kay H - TN
06/15/2021 - I've found invoices dating back to Oct 2012. Obviously I'm totally sold on your products. Thanks for such great customer service too.
richard m - Midlothian, VA
06/08/2021 - The Cliphanger has saved my phone many times -easy and practical. The first Cliphanger I bought was in 2016.
Hailey L - Lindon, UT
06/05/2021 - I've been a customer for years & really like the way you can clip your phone on your purse, belt loop & pants pocket. I would recommend a Cliphanger to everyone.
Maria H - Parsons, Ks
06/05/2021 - have used these for years - love them
Christe H - Arlington iowa
06/04/2021 - I have been a clip hanger customer for better part of 10 years, the part that i love is having the ring to grab phone from purse or bag, I have arthritis in my hands & this makes it so much easier.
Alice S - PASCO,
06/01/2021 - I have used clip hanger for years since first seeing them at the LA County Fair. The pivot was a great addition and now they have cases. I can't wait to try the new case with the pivot already attached
Douglas B - Saint George
06/01/2021 - Great product! Everytime I get a new phone case I want a new Cliphanger... Once you have one, you're hooked for life! (Literally AND figuratively!) LOL!
Linda K - Seattle, WA
05/29/2021 - I bought my first Cliphanger so long ago, I can’t even remember! Let’s just say that I wouldn’t have a phone without a Cliphanger, so every time I get a new phone, I get a new Cliphanger. I especially love the Kickstand! What a great improvement! I recently gave one to my Aunt and she liked it so much that she asked me to order one for each of her adult children, as gifts.
Laina R - WA
05/24/2021 - I recently bought a new IPhone, I wouldn't carry my cell without a Cliphanger, and have told everyone I know to buy the products. I have been stopped by strangers, and asked where did you get that, what is it.... it's awesome!!
Mary Ann B - San Diego, CA
05/21/2021 - Buying my 6th Cliphanger... and I buy them for friends and family. Love love love this product.
Margot M - Canada
05/01/2021 - I bought mine several years ago. I dropped phone and cliffhanger broke. I have been lost without it. Do glad I saw your email. Thanks for a good product.
Cynthia S - Pasadena, Maryland
05/01/2021 - Have used this item for years. Love it.
Margaret A - Mansfield Tx
04/28/2021 - If a year old they break
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