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04/14/2021 - Have had a clip hanger since they first came out and couldn’t imagine having a cell phone without one. Makes it so much easier to grap out of my purse and easily clips on jeans belt loop to allow free hands to hold leash while walking our dogs. Thanks
Karen D - Northwest, NC
04/08/2021 - Used Cliphangers for 12yrs with absolute satisfaction!
Gary D - Tampa, FL
04/07/2021 - I would not do with out one Love it people ask me about them all time. Had one for year Found the at Ouartsite AZ year ago.
Peggy N - Fresno CA
04/04/2021 - Great!!!
Fred H - St Paul
04/03/2021 - I love my clip hanger. Everyone ask about it It is so easy to use.
Nancy S - Burlington NC
04/03/2021 - I have enjoyed doing business with your company for many yrs. I ordered cliphanger products from QVC or HSN during the early days when it was still being improved. I have traded cars many times and left the attachment to hang cell phone at arms reach. Your company has been great to me when I may have had a problem or needed replacements. I plan to use clip hanger as long as I use cell phone. My problem is: i USE FLIP PHONE BECAUSE I AM ELDERLY AND DON'T HAVE SMART PHONE. WHEN I MAKE PICTURE I HA
linda C - Mount Airy, Surry, North Carolina, USA
04/01/2021 - I ❤ Clip Hanger! I'll always have one on my phone and am always telling others about the products. Have you ever considered making a smaller product? It could be use for items like remotes. Keep up the good job with the options and new products!
Marcelline A - High Point, NC
03/29/2021 - First found this at the state fair many years ago have turned on many many of my friends as I love the pivot cliffhanger
Diane L - St Paul ., MN
03/26/2021 - LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Cliphanger! Have been using these cases for nearly 20 years. Each new phone gets a new Cliphanger case. Each new car gets the clip mount. Great products!!!!
Jeff M - Yucaipa, CA
03/26/2021 - Love this product!!!
Shelley M - Berlin, OH
03/23/2021 - Got a new work phone and they would pay up to $30 for a case and I still bought yours as these have protected every phone I've every had!
L S - Chicago IL
03/20/2021 - Several years ago I purchased several stick Clip Hangers and one with a light. The last Clip Hanger has just recently - this weekend - broken. Without a Clip Hanger my phone feels weird in my hand. Using the clip, I can always keep my phone handy and with in easy reach. I clip it onto the neckline of my top or the handle of my purse. I will always use a Clip Hanger. The best buy possible!!
Sandra h - Arlington, Texas
03/19/2021 - Love my Cliphanger. I can’t tell you how nice it is to secure to my belt hoop or my purse. I never lose my phone .... EVER. I have the pivot and I love the flexibility of being able to turn the hook which ever direction I need. It helps secure the phone for selfies and I hang my phone on my kitchen cabinets so I can FaceTime while I’m cooking. And they’re durable. I’ve dropped my phone several times (not due to the Cliphanger malfunction- and only once has it popped off but I stuck it b
Charma M - Springville, UT
03/08/2021 - I've been your customer since you started many years ago. I cannot live without cliphanger on my cell, it's wonderful! Better than any other attachment or cases.
Janis N - Orlando
03/01/2021 - GREAT hanger, have used several years, do not want to do without.
Bobbie S - Clifton, Tx
02/20/2021 - I've been using them for years and I wouldn’t want to live without it. It’s the most convenient and handy phone accessory there is
Wendy F - Houma, Louisiana
02/19/2021 - I have always had a ClipHanger on my phone, ever since my first one about 12 years ago. Now, with the kickstand, it’s even better!! Also, I have always had the pivot mounted at the opposite end of the phone. It makes it easier. That way, I don’t have to pivot it to get it away from the camera (but I can pivot it to make it easier to hold my phone sideways for texting). The iPhone is smart. It rotates the screen for how you are holding the phone so mounting it at the other end is no problem
Laina R - WA
02/13/2021 - Thank you for a great product that has kept each my phones safe and secure
Byron C - Minneapolis, MN
02/11/2021 - I have used Cliphangers for many years now. So handy to be able to keep a good grip on my phone and Cliphanger has saved me from a broken screen (or worse) several times. Great product! Thank you!
Susan O - CA
02/06/2021 - I LOVE this product. It works beautifully, lasts forever, and when I did manage to break one in the past, the customer service was outstanding!
Camille S - Ft. Washington, PA
02/05/2021 - Got my first Cliphanger MANY years ago and can't live without it! And I have never had one break. Ever. Even after years of use. Love it!
Angela B - Grants Pass, OR
02/03/2021 - I’ve been using ClipHanger phone cases since 2007. They are great! I highly recommend them!
Tracy S - Placerville, CA
02/02/2021 - Ordering extra adhesive tabs because my "not cliphanger" case broke. My Piivit is ready for it's 3rd or 4th case and still works and looks great. I have been using these since they debuted on QVC years ago. Love them!!
Norma L - Cathedral City, CA
02/02/2021 - We have loved cliphanger for YEARS ! Thank you !
Irene K - Toronto, Ontario
02/01/2021 - Got my first Cliphanger at the Minnesota State Fair about 12 years ago, and have been a loyal fan ever since. I rarely ever drop my phone and it offers unlimited options for carrying or clipping on. I have little clips all over my house for charging and can’t imagine carrying a phone without a Cliphanger. Thank you for bringing this product to the world.
GARRY W - Minneapolis, MN
01/31/2021 - I have bought so many of these over the years as I change phone covers, I get a new one... now my investment has just gone up due to my 78-year-old mother who can’t do without her cliphanger 😘
Lisa H - TX
01/31/2021 - I've been using Cliphanger products for 15 years. They are the most amazing products! Their Pivot case protects my iPhone as well or better than Otter Box! I recommend them to all my friends, co-workers, and acquaintances! When you call them you speak to a real human being and they are incredibly courteous and helpful. They back up their products as well!
ke h - Meridian ID,
01/29/2021 - NA
Charles D - AZ
01/28/2021 - Best product EVER! I've given them as gifts for years. I'll never use any other case.
Mary Alice M - Denham Springs, LA
01/27/2021 - LOVE IT!!! Love that I can clip it on my belt, my purse or on a lanyard, makes it easy to get to.
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