Customer Testimonials

10/14/2019 - I have been using Cliphangers for over 10 years and wouldn't know how to live without one. I'm so happy they have the iPhone 11 cases available. I would be misplacing my phone all the time without the Cliphanger.
Patti B - Pahrump, NV
10/13/2019 - I have used the cliphanger for years and I wouldn't want to be without one...
10/10/2019 - I keep having to buy more because they keep on snapping. Which color, if any, has fewer snaps?
Rodney R - East Greenwich, RI
10/09/2019 - I have been a customer for YEARS, since Texas and now AZ.. Best product ever!
Mickie S - SEDONA, AZ
10/09/2019 - I had a problem using the pivot function and they gladly sent me a replacement. I've had several over the years and they keep my phone safe as I have dropped it many times.
Anita P - Dallas, TX
10/08/2019 - everyone needs this!
nancy h - CA
10/06/2019 - I've been using cliphanger for about 10 years now and can't live without it. Best product ever!
Susie G - Wollongong NSW Australia
09/30/2019 - Great product! We've been using them for years. Never drop or lose your phone again. (Well almost never.)
Scott N - Brigham City, Utah
09/30/2019 - LOVE ♥️ ❣️LOVE♥️❣️LOVE♥️❣️ Cliphanger for Years‼️ I Can’t Live without it‼️😁 Totally makes phone life 100% more manageable, Thankfully. Best thing since these phones❗️🤯
Jane I - Colleyville, Texas
09/29/2019 - Love this product hope the kickstand will stick to my magnet stand
James G - Sandy Utah
09/28/2019 - Great product! I recommend it to everyone!
Daryl H - Elk River, Mn
09/24/2019 - I have been a long, long time existing customer and I cannot live without my cliphanger! A new phone just does not feel right without it! I will not get a new phone until i can get a cliphanger case for it! So glad the new ones are out and I can get my new iPhone!!!
Mark B - Houston, TX
09/23/2019 - I have been a Cliphanger customer since they first came out. Love them. They help not drop my phone. They help me retrieve my phone out of my back pants pocket. Can't wait to get the new style one with the ring on the back that acts like an esiel.
Bertha M - Munday, Texas
09/21/2019 - I have been a loyal user since nearly it's debut. I have only managed to break 1 Stick, Pivots have never broken on me. Very durable phone clips that will hang on nearly anything. I have bought more dash clips than I have clip hangars. Just sayin.
Jerome G - Princeton, MN
09/20/2019 - I am a Realtor and have been using Clip Hanger for many years. Clip Hanger allows me to open a lock box, while holding papers, files, etc and all the other things that require many hands. Clip Hanger is like having a THIRD hand!
Laura K - Milwaukee WI
09/18/2019 - Great company with great products and outstanding customer service!!! Dovey
Lou R - Dallas, TX
09/17/2019 - I've been using Cliphanger for probably close to a decade and have become a Cliphanger evangelist! People who have pop sockets look at it with envy.
Elisa M - Costa Mesa, CA
09/17/2019 - I've been using cliphanger pivits for years now and couldn't own a cell phone without it. I just wish they had the clear "light" one in the pivit. I had to purchase a stick this time to get the light.
Janet H - Statesville, NC
09/17/2019 - Have used ClipHanger for at least 10 yrs. Love them. Got my husband to use it along with the attachment for car. He likes them too. Thanks for a great idea!!!!
Ina Jo S - Bonham, TX
09/17/2019 - Even strangers are intrigued by such a convenient way to wear my phone on my hip. So glad I found cliphanger years ago at Del Mar county fair.
Suzanne E - San Diego, CA
09/17/2019 - This is the best phone product. I have been using them for years.
LaRea A - Tyler, TX
09/15/2019 - Well, after 5 years my original finally had been flexed enough times and gave way. Had multiple people try and get me to try the other various holders out there, but, no, nothing felt rights, so after only 24 hours, I am online getting a replacement (with kickstand upgrade) so that I won't have to worry about my phone again!
SJ G - Waterloo, IA
09/13/2019 - Best thing yet for phones
Wendell R - Springfield
09/13/2019 - My husband wouldn’t be without his cliphangar. They do break and we have to get another put on soon!
Debbie K - Easton Mo
09/09/2019 - Awesome product. Been using them for over 10 years, and have never lost a phone. Looking forward to the ring addition..
Kevin P - Zion, Il.
09/07/2019 - Been a customer for years and these guys are the best! Love your products (Cliphanger’s and cases too.)
John H - Alabama
09/04/2019 - Excellent product. Very durable. Made in USA is a plus. The "Pivit" version is especially handy - Works great for rotating as a "hand-hold" for picture taking.
Minuteman Press, c/o Bob D - Tigard, Oregon
09/01/2019 - Been using a Cliphanger for all my cell phones. Love them and hope it arrives soon for my new phone.
Shirley R - Victoria BC Canada,
08/29/2019 - I purchased my first Clip Hanger years ago at the Los Angeles County Fair
Sharon J - Upland, CA
08/20/2019 - My third one. Love it
Janet K - Flagstaff,Arizona
08/15/2019 - Besides the Clip Hanger being the BEST accessory for my phone! the customer service is fantastic! My sister got me my first Clip hanger 5 years ago and I will never be without one again. It really will "change your life"... no more losing my phone, having it fall out of my pocket, or dealing with clumsy snap on belt holders!!!
mary f - Parsons Kansas,
08/10/2019 - I've loved every Cliphanger I've ever had. So excited to use this new case with cardholder and pivot.
Sharon D - In
08/10/2019 - Love these! Been using them for over 10 yrs, so glad that they’re coming out with more colors and domes (but where’s the rose gold??). 😋
Alice G - WA
08/05/2019 - Great way to visualize maps in your car and your phone will always be accessible .... great idea. Love it.
Ron C - Boston Mass
08/01/2019 - I love these n have been since u have been in business.
Pauline C - Stuart's Draft, VA
08/01/2019 - I purchased a Cliphanger when they first came out while attending the Minnesota State Fair. I will not own a phone without my Cliphanger Bob Ackley
Bob A - Hugo, MN
07/24/2019 - love it
Richard M - pueblo,colorado
07/23/2019 - I have been a user of the Clip hanger for years, I love the fact that I always know where my phone is!! I have been with out my clip-hanger because I got a replacement phone and case and have lost my phone 4 times in 2 weeks.. Cann't wait until my new clip hanger gets here. I bought an extra so I will always have one on hand.
Nadine C - Cottonwood
07/21/2019 - Totally awesome.Just bought a new IPhone XR yesterday and the clerk was totally amazed at the clip hanger on my elderly 6. He was impressed.
Barbara H - Arlington WA
07/19/2019 - I got my first clip hanger at the fair several years ago and have not been without one since. Love it!! Diane
DIANA B - Oak View, Ca
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