Customer Testimonials

06/05/2020 - I've used My Pivot Cliphanger for more than a decade! It's gone from phone to phone! People always ask me about it and often order one! I can't use my phone without it
rosemary r - benbrook, TX
06/03/2020 - I just keep coming back for more to give to friends who show an interest in mine. I love the reaction I get. Been a faithful user since the came out almost 20 years ago.
Carmen C - Albuquerque, NM
06/02/2020 - Customer since 2007 after demo at fair. Have used since then, forever receiving compliments and inquiries as to where they can be purchased. Will probably be a customer forever, LOVE my Clip Hanger products!
Chris H - Spiro OK
06/01/2020 - I have used Clip Hangers for many years and they are the best!
Denise K - Encinitas, Ca
06/01/2020 - A great product. I've used one for years.
Richard C - Orange CA
06/01/2020 - I first bought a Clip Hanger at the Washington State Fair about 10 years ago and have used one ever since. Without it, I'm sure I would have dropped my phone dozens of times. And I love the dashboard hanger.
Alice K - Seattle WA
05/27/2020 - I thought ClipHanger was PERFECT, and now it is EVEN BETTER! I've loved using for over 8 years, especially great for holding onto while taking photos. The PIVOT seems like a great solution to avoid sticking out of my back pocket, and the ring STAND is just icing on the cake. Not slick; Just Sensational!
Beth S - Greenwood Village CO
05/26/2020 - absolutely cannot live without our cliphangers! hubby just got a new phone and first thing he asked for was a cliphanger for this new one...and while I was here.....great me a new case! score!
Anne B - Sioux City, Iowa
05/22/2020 - Have used these for many years, love them! When lots of people ask, I always recommend and tell them how to order from website.
Lynne B - Sarasota, FL
05/21/2020 - I purchased the clip hangar because of past performance, but I am not happy with the fact that it was advertised for $9.95 but when I went to purchase and pay it suddenly jumped to $14.95
JEFFREY P - St. Clair, MO
05/20/2020 - My wife and I have been using Cliphanger cases on several phones for more than six years. We both feel that the products and the customer service deserve at least 5 stars and more.
Marshall M - Surprise, AZ
05/19/2020 - I have been using Cliphangar for many years on many different I Phones. I just love the product
Patricia M - Palm Beach Gardens FL,
05/19/2020 - I can't imagine my phone without a pivit. By far the best way to keep track of my phone in my home, car, purse and running errands. I LOVE MY CLIP HANGER!
Blair G - Newport Beach CA,
05/18/2020 - I love my clip hanger. I have been on crutches lately and it allowed me to have hands free conversation while moving about. I have had one for all my phones in the past 5+ years. Melissa
Melissa M - San Diego, CA
05/16/2020 - We love it and have been your biggest promoters!!
Rebecca L - Miami Beach, Florida
05/09/2020 - I've had a Cliphanger on every phone I've owned. They're the greatest!
Pamela W - Burgaw, NC
05/07/2020 - People see my clip hanger hanging from purse or sitting on my shoulder & they'd ask "Hey how's that staying on your shoulder." I take it off & show them. Then send them to I've sent so many people to this website I've lost count.
Teri D - Kennewick, WA
05/05/2020 - been using clip hangers for years, people see me use it and are amazed-immediately they want one for themselves!!
deb M - Mesa, AZ
05/04/2020 - I've been using this for years. I always make sure I have one on hand. Can't live without it.
Michelle H - Acton, CA
05/01/2020 - this is the best case I have ever purchased!!
Deb P - Bixby, OK
05/01/2020 - I've use the ClipHanger for years. For a time, I tried something else with a ring, but returned to the ClipHanger. I'm very happy to see that a ring has been incorporated in this new release of the ClipHanger product!
MARY T - Harlan, Iowa
05/01/2020 - I have been using Cliphangers for many years now and I couldn’t imagine living without one! People everywhere ask me what it it is and where I got it so I give them the website address so they can enjoy it too!
Doris W - Prairieville, LA
05/01/2020 - I could be a spokesperson for all of the people that see mine and ask about it! I will never be without one
Richard K - Mentor, Ohio
04/27/2020 - I saw Cliphanger on a fellow hiker, hanging from a belt loop--and knew I had to have one. It has not disappointed. Nimble and sturdy. For me far easier and less bulky then a holster/clip
Anne S A - Arlington TX
04/25/2020 - Love my Cliphanger been using it since 2007. Can't be without it.
04/22/2020 - I've been using clip hanger for years, wherever i go someone always stops me n thinks my phone is going to fall, i tell them know its hanging on by clip hanger n they ask where can i buy one. n tell them clip i was at a friends party and some doctors come over to me and asked how my phone was hanging on to my pants i showed them they thought what a great idea and order it right on the spot.when I'm in costco the workers are always asking me about this item its great n i wouldn't ha
sandi m - boynton beach, fl
04/17/2020 - I love having this accessory for my phone and have ordered for the last 3 phones.
Patricia B - Irmo SC
04/17/2020 - This is my third order for work and I would be lost without one for my phone. Thanks
Barbara Wilkerson L - Tarpon Springs, FL
04/17/2020 - Amazing products bought my first pivot well over a year ago and only reason im buying a new one is because i didnt feel like ordering new sticky pads and waiting for them decided to super glue it to my new case and accidently glued the pivot part together so no more pivot 🤣🤣🤣!!! I recomend these to everybody who asks whats that on your phone thank yall so much for makeing a great quality product and standing behind it thats a rare luxury these days!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!
Jeffrey R - Pineville,LA
04/15/2020 - I have used Clip Hangers for years. I have arthritis in my hands. The loop makes it easier for me to hold my phone without dropping it. Also easier to remove from my back pants pocket. Thank you Clip Hanger.
Bertha M - Munday, TX
04/15/2020 - I love clip hanger, found them at the Texas state air 10+ years ago and I have never owned a phone tht did not have a clip hanger on it. I have the auto hooks on the side of my nightstand, in my wife's car and also by my recliner in the family room. The clip hanger auto hooks are so versatile you can use them other places. Also I have used customer service a few times and go out of heir way to make sure you are satisfied with you products.
Darrell R - Arlington Texas
04/13/2020 - I have owned a Cliphanger case for many years - have never seen a case that is superior
Mary W - St. Cloud, MN
04/13/2020 - Got in at the beginning! Saw at the Puyallup Fair, and i have been “hooked” since. So handy, especially with an armful of packages.. Hang it on one finger, and there you are/!
Sherry A - Seattle, WA
04/13/2020 - Awesome product! Can't do without my pivit. Decided to get a new one since my current one has been used on three different phones and isn't locking anymore.
Rosemarie D - W. Salem, Oh
04/11/2020 - I don’t know if I could have a phone without a Clip Hanger anymore!! I have finally worn out a couple of them! People are constantly asking me what it is on the back of my phone...then I give them the whole sales pitch! :)
Claudia L - California
04/02/2020 - I have used these for more than 12+ years. Well worth the price to protein my phone.
Mary Jo G - Johns Creek, GA
04/01/2020 - I have been a fan since the beginning. I LOVE MY CLIP HANGER
Dorree B - AZ
03/24/2020 - I have used clip hangers for years! I’m hard on things and am amazed at how hard it is to break. My phone is easily identified and with the bright colored - easy to find. But most important I can hang it from my purse or belt loop - easy access! I love it!
Calista D - San Diego CA
03/24/2020 - I have used Cliphanger for years!! I just got a new phone so it’s time to get a new Cliphanger!! I cannot live without one. They are wonderful to clip on my jeans or my purse. People are always so amazed at my Cliphanger! I’m really excited to try the new pivot with the ring. That is what I ordered today!!
Nicole S - Ky
03/23/2020 - I have been using this clip for many year. I love it!!! I have some many people asking me where i got it. Its perfect to handle and to carry my phone on my belt loop or purse strap. I cant live without it but unfortunately I dropped my phone in a really bad angle and the clip somehow broke. I need to replace it asap. I cant live without it!!!!
Susy B - Plan, Texas.
03/23/2020 - I first saw Cliphangers at the San Francisco Auto Show what seems to be 20 years ago now. I have used them in some form or fashion on every phone I have had since. I would like to see one that pivots - supports wireless charging - has a secure hold on magnetic mounts - all at the same time!
Jeff W - West Virginia
03/22/2020 - I have lost count of how many Clip Hanger cases I have had. At least twice a week I have people ask me about it. So, of course when I got my new phone yesterday, I ordered a new Clip Hanger case! I genuinely LOVE this product!
Michele A - Lakewood, CO
03/18/2020 - Love Clip Hanger, it's the smartest phone carrier ever. I have never dropped or lost my phone because it's always safely attached to me, my purse, or my car.
Dianne O - Minden, NV
03/15/2020 - I bought my first Cliphangers years ago at the Los Angeles County Fair. It's been enough years that I have no idea how long ago. I would guess at least 10 years. I llived in Upland, CA at the time
Sharon J - Apple Valley, CA
03/10/2020 - Love, love, love the Cliphangers and have recommended/gifted to many friends. Can't live withoutk!!
Vicky A - MISSION Viejo, CA
03/09/2020 - Can't be with out my clip hangers - on Cell, GPS, Heater remotes, Fan remotes and TV remotes. They have saved my sanity more than once!!
Linda R - Albany, OR
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