Customer Testimonials

08/20/2019 - My third one. Love it
Janet K - Flagstaff,Arizona
08/15/2019 - Besides the Clip Hanger being the BEST accessory for my phone! the customer service is fantastic! My sister got me my first Clip hanger 5 years ago and I will never be without one again. It really will "change your life"... no more losing my phone, having it fall out of my pocket, or dealing with clumsy snap on belt holders!!!
mary f - Parsons Kansas,
08/10/2019 - I've loved every Cliphanger I've ever had. So excited to use this new case with cardholder and pivot.
Sharon D - In
08/10/2019 - Love these! Been using them for over 10 yrs, so glad that they’re coming out with more colors and domes (but where’s the rose gold??). 😋
Alice G - WA
08/05/2019 - Great way to visualize maps in your car and your phone will always be accessible .... great idea. Love it.
Ron C - Boston Mass
08/01/2019 - I love these n have been since u have been in business.
Pauline C - Stuart's Draft, VA
08/01/2019 - I purchased a Cliphanger when they first came out while attending the Minnesota State Fair. I will not own a phone without my Cliphanger Bob Ackley
Bob A - Hugo, MN
07/24/2019 - love it
Richard M - pueblo,colorado
07/23/2019 - I have been a user of the Clip hanger for years, I love the fact that I always know where my phone is!! I have been with out my clip-hanger because I got a replacement phone and case and have lost my phone 4 times in 2 weeks.. Cann't wait until my new clip hanger gets here. I bought an extra so I will always have one on hand.
Nadine C - Cottonwood
07/21/2019 - Totally awesome.Just bought a new IPhone XR yesterday and the clerk was totally amazed at the clip hanger on my elderly 6. He was impressed.
Barbara H - Arlington WA
07/19/2019 - I got my first clip hanger at the fair several years ago and have not been without one since. Love it!! Diane
DIANA B - Oak View, Ca
07/16/2019 - I found the clip hanger at women's show back in the 90's. I hate to carry my phone so the clip was the perfect find. I clip it to my belt loop, my purse and when I'm using the phone I use the hook to hold it. Luv it!!
Lori K - Huntsville, Al
07/15/2019 - I have been a long-time user and would lose my phone at every available opportunity without my Cliphanger.
Johnny D - Beggs, OK
07/14/2019 - I have been using Cliphanger for many years. (15) People ask me about it all the time. I hang it off my shirt collar, hoodie collar, belt and it never moves.. This clip is amazing. Going to try Pivit for first time. Older style usually lasts me about 18 mo. on average. Usually I have put it in a bind getting into truck seat and will snap with age. When new it just bends. Couldnt get by w/o it.
Barry L - ConwayAR
07/12/2019 - All my friends love these! I have to keep ordering for gifts! I love mine, too. Keeps me from dropping my phone!
Elizabeth P - Seattle, WA
07/12/2019 - Love your products, been using them for years!
Diane B - Seminole, FL
07/07/2019 - Love my Cliphangers (yes, plural) and have been telling everyone about them for years!
Denise W - Antioch, TN
07/03/2019 - I bought my first Pivot at Southern Living Show in Charlotte, NC many years of the HANDIEST items I've ever purchased! Now I need one for my new phone!
Joanne S - New Port Richey, FL
07/02/2019 - Love the Clip Hanger - got a new phone and I am lost without it, so I am ordering one immediately!
Adrienne S - Poway, CA
07/01/2019 - This is easily my 5th Clip Hanger - meaning that I have just gotten my 5th cell phone. I can NOT live without Clip Hanger!
07/01/2019 - I purchased my first Cliphanger 8+ years ago at a Home Show in Phoenix and have had one on every phone since then. Once you try it you are addicted and I can't imagine NOT having one on my phone. Just stick your finger through the loop and you have both hands free. Phones have gotten so expensive I would be afraid of dropping it without my cliphanger. What a great little life hack! Kelly
Kelly H - Glendale, AZ
07/01/2019 - Got clip hanger ten years ago after seeing it being used by a friend. Bought for iPods as well.
John W - San Antonio, Texas
06/30/2019 - Been using for years. Love it. Can’t live without it
Gina B - Toronto, ON
06/29/2019 - I've been using a Cliphanger on my phones for at least 18 years! Won't be without one. Now it will be perfect with the attached kidkstand ring. Thank you Cliphanger for making carrying a phone so easy.
Lee Ann T - Myrtle Beach, SC
06/24/2019 - i'm a huge fan !
Tane W - slc utah
06/20/2019 - I’ve been using Cliphanger since there was only the stick. I’ve tried many other cases and always come back to Cliphanger especially since it now pivots.
Earl S - Indio, CA
06/19/2019 - Changed phones and I’m lost without my cliphanger !
Marian N - Thedford NE
06/08/2019 - I have been using Cliphanger for years! Don't ever stop making them! They get better and better, Pivit will last forever!
Mladenka S - Cleveland, OH
06/07/2019 - Got my first cliphanger at a Home Show in Phx.many yrs ago. Getting my third one. First one -not sure what I did with it - it was a plain original cliphanger.. My second one is still good,has a pivot- had it since 2015 and my phone case broke but not my cliphanger, Decided to get a new one with a kick stand.
Catherine P - Cottonwood AZ,
06/06/2019 - I have been using cliphanger for many years. 4th phone using cliphanger. Clip works great for holdin g on to the phone so you don't drop it. Clips to your belt loop, clips to your pocket when exercising. Can't do without it.
Bernard B - Minneapolis, MN
06/05/2019 - I have used ClipHangers every day for over 10 years. I wouldn't dream of carrying my phone without one. I love it. Linda
Linda J - Tulsa, OK
06/03/2019 - I have used cliphanger for over 30 years--------I cannot do without this product. I have used it on my cell phones forever
Lisa B - Sandston, VA
05/31/2019 - I love these things!!! I've used them for several years and can't do without it on my phone now? And they don't come off even under tough conditions. Highly recommend
Janet J - White House tn
05/31/2019 - I have had a cliphanger on my phone for 10 years and would never have a phone without one. I clip it on my purse, beltloops, car a/c vent, lanyard, bicycle, camera case, etc, etc, etc. Great company,products, and customer service! -Jennifer A.
Jennifer A - Charlotte, NC
05/29/2019 - i finally broke mine. im kinda excited bcuz i can order another color... NOW. i cant live without it.!
cathy o - LouisiAna
05/28/2019 - I first got one at a county fair many years ago. I have been a fan since. LOVE IT!
Charmel H - Forest Grove, Oregon
05/24/2019 - I am a longtime cliphanger user. I'd be lost with out my cliphanger and without my cliphanger my phone would be lost literally. It a mutual relationship.
Eve T - Charleston,sc
05/23/2019 - Wouldn't think of owning a phone without clip hanger!!
Donna G - Henderson, Nevada
05/22/2019 - First saw it at the Orange County Fair Swap meet , years ago . Bought one and got ““hooked”. I’ve had one ever since then. I love it! Dee
Didem E - Irvine, CA
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