Customer Testimonials

07/31/2020 - My wife and I have had a cliphanger on every phone since your CO first started making them. They last for years. We love your product.
Kyle L - Evanston, Wy
07/28/2020 - Have had cliphangers for years. THEY DO NOT COME OFF!!!! Love mine. Thanks for great product.
Cheryl S - Annandale, MN
07/28/2020 - Been using Cliphanger products for many years....a quality product and a quality company.
Steven C - Port Jefferson New York
07/25/2020 - Customer since 2005. I will NEVER be without a cliphanger it is the BEST invention, since the cell phone :-)
MJ D - Las Vegas, NV
07/25/2020 - I've had a Cliphanger on every phone I've owned. I thought ClipHanger was AWESOME, and now and the ring STAND is just EVEN BETTER! They're the greatest!
Amy Y - Illinois
07/22/2020 - My family and I have been using Cliphanger for years. Highly recommend !!
April V - N.C.
07/21/2020 - I have used Cliphanger for years while riding Motorcycles!! ( I am female) Never lost a phone, or broke one!! LOVE CLIPHANGER!!!
Marcia S - San Bernardino CA,
07/21/2020 - I bought my first cliphanger at a Palm Springs craft show almost 15 years ago, and love the convenience of it.
Margaret R - Meridian MS
07/10/2020 - Just got two new phones so I need two more Clip Hangers plus cases. Been using them for Years and would not have a phone without this product.
07/10/2020 - Used these for YEARS!!! And, have turned dozens of people onto them!
Laura L - Elizabethtown, KY
07/05/2020 - Love clip hangers and the phone cases. They are the best!
Diane B - Seminole, FL
07/02/2020 - My Wife and I discovered the cliphanger at the California State Fair 2006. Since then we have always had a cliphanger on our phones.
Michael S - Newbury Park, California
07/02/2020 - They are great!!! I've been ordering from them since 2015, every time I get a new phone.Very durable!!
Darius C - Albany, Ga
07/01/2020 - I have been using cliphanger for about 15 years. Got my first one at a rodeo and have since reordered. Only broke one and all the others I said goodbye to when I got a new phone. Just got a new phone so Ijust ordered another one. They are wonderful and once you use them; you can't do without them. Only thing...the price has sure gone up since my first one! dvp
Dianne V - Wickenburg, Arizona
07/01/2020 - Every time I get a new phone, I have to have my Clip Hanger. My work doesn't allow me to carry a purse. My cell is my business life line and my phone case is also my wallet. I've learned from my experience I have more confidence with my cell in the front of me on the clip then in my pocket. It is very secure and strong. If I get a call, I easily raise it up to see if I need to take the call now or later. I can hang it from a belt on a dress or on my shirt collar when I don't have a belt loop. It
Kimi A - New Smyrna Bch, FL
06/30/2020 - I've used cliphangers for my last 2 cell phones (4 years ago and prior). I'm extremely satisfied with the unique clip to hang my cell phone on my purse or everywhere; esp. in the car when I need WAZE. I've never lost, broken, or damaged a cell phone in over 8 years. I tell everyone about cliphanger. I'm a Senior Citizen. This is the best invention to protect and not lose your cell phone. N.A.
Nancy F - Clinton, MD
06/27/2020 - I have been using clip hanger since before the iPhone 4! It is the best phone case and hanging device ever! I have witnessed my co-workers with cracked screens and their phones in need of repair from dropping them. I have never had a cracked screen nor have I had to repair my phone from being dropped.
Tavana C - Tuscaloosa, AL
06/27/2020 - LOVE using this! I’ve been purchasing for many years. I use on the long side and hook to clipboards, to the cliphanger hook for the car, and to hook to my index finger as I hold my phone securely. Mine tends to break at the hook after a lot of use so I keep an extra one as backup!
Trent V - Melrose, Fl
06/25/2020 - Hove not lost a phone for 5years
James V - New Mexico
06/24/2020 - Love this cellphone hanger. No searching for my cellphone.
Karen H - Granada Hills,California
06/24/2020 - Every time I get a new phone or phone case, I try to see if clip hanger is still the most important aspect of my phone. It is!!! I can only go about 2 days before I HAVE to add the clip hanger to my phone. I have also tried many clips, rings, sockets and accessories and always return to the clip hanger. I have had one on my phone since shortly after they became purchasable. The first phone I added it to was a blackberry. It is simply a must!!!
Terri V - Dumas, TX
06/22/2020 - i love my cliphanger. i have been using one since my very first flip phone.
Terry H - Lee's Summit, MO
06/20/2020 - I love the cliphanger! I've used it for years and my husband uses one too!
06/13/2020 - Easy to use site!
06/11/2020 - I love my clip hanger but cannot figure out why a lot more people haven't likewise taken to them!
JAMES S - Sun City, AZ
06/09/2020 - Love the Clip Hangar. This is my third buy and I enjoy using this for my phone so that I can clip on my belt loop during work. Thanks!
Sondra B - Albuquerque, NM
06/08/2020 - I've been using these since 2007. I had the same phone with the same Cliphanger for three years-even while using it clipped to my belt while on my motorcycle! I am buying a new one now because I just upgraded my iPhone (had it for 6 years with the same case and Cliphanger)
06/05/2020 - I've used My Pivot Cliphanger for more than a decade! It's gone from phone to phone! People always ask me about it and often order one! I can't use my phone without it
rosemary r - benbrook, TX
06/03/2020 - I just keep coming back for more to give to friends who show an interest in mine. I love the reaction I get. Been a faithful user since the came out almost 20 years ago.
Carmen C - Albuquerque, NM
06/02/2020 - Customer since 2007 after demo at fair. Have used since then, forever receiving compliments and inquiries as to where they can be purchased. Will probably be a customer forever, LOVE my Clip Hanger products!
Chris H - Spiro OK
06/01/2020 - I have used Clip Hangers for many years and they are the best!
Denise K - Encinitas, Ca
06/01/2020 - A great product. I've used one for years.
Richard C - Orange CA
06/01/2020 - I first bought a Clip Hanger at the Washington State Fair about 10 years ago and have used one ever since. Without it, I'm sure I would have dropped my phone dozens of times. And I love the dashboard hanger.
Alice K - Seattle WA
05/27/2020 - I thought ClipHanger was PERFECT, and now it is EVEN BETTER! I've loved using for over 8 years, especially great for holding onto while taking photos. The PIVOT seems like a great solution to avoid sticking out of my back pocket, and the ring STAND is just icing on the cake. Not slick; Just Sensational!
Beth S - Greenwood Village CO
05/26/2020 - absolutely cannot live without our cliphangers! hubby just got a new phone and first thing he asked for was a cliphanger for this new one...and while I was here.....great me a new case! score!
Anne B - Sioux City, Iowa
05/22/2020 - Have used these for many years, love them! When lots of people ask, I always recommend and tell them how to order from website.
Lynne B - Sarasota, FL
05/21/2020 - I purchased the clip hangar because of past performance, but I am not happy with the fact that it was advertised for $9.95 but when I went to purchase and pay it suddenly jumped to $14.95
JEFFREY P - St. Clair, MO
05/20/2020 - My wife and I have been using Cliphanger cases on several phones for more than six years. We both feel that the products and the customer service deserve at least 5 stars and more.
Marshall M - Surprise, AZ
05/19/2020 - I have been using Cliphangar for many years on many different I Phones. I just love the product
Patricia M - Palm Beach Gardens FL,
05/19/2020 - I can't imagine my phone without a pivit. By far the best way to keep track of my phone in my home, car, purse and running errands. I LOVE MY CLIP HANGER!
Blair G - Newport Beach CA,
05/18/2020 - I love my clip hanger. I have been on crutches lately and it allowed me to have hands free conversation while moving about. I have had one for all my phones in the past 5+ years. Melissa
Melissa M - San Diego, CA
05/16/2020 - We love it and have been your biggest promoters!!
Rebecca L - Miami Beach, Florida
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