Customer Reviews

06/18/2021 - Absolutely will not even consider any other brand of case for my phone. I’ve used Cliphanger products for over 10 yrs now because they’re the BEST. Nothing else compares.
Angela B - Grain Valley, MO
06/18/2021 - Love cliphanger! Had for years & hope next one arrives before my new phone does
Kay H - TN
06/15/2021 - I've found invoices dating back to Oct 2012. Obviously I'm totally sold on your products. Thanks for such great customer service too.
richard m - Midlothian, VA
06/08/2021 - The Cliphanger has saved my phone many times -easy and practical. The first Cliphanger I bought was in 2016.
Hailey L - Lindon, UT
06/05/2021 - I've been a customer for years & really like the way you can clip your phone on your purse, belt loop & pants pocket. I would recommend a Cliphanger to everyone.
Maria H - Parsons, Ks
06/05/2021 - have used these for years - love them
Christe H - Arlington iowa
06/04/2021 - I have been a clip hanger customer for better part of 10 years, the part that i love is having the ring to grab phone from purse or bag, I have arthritis in my hands & this makes it so much easier.
Alice S - PASCO,
06/01/2021 - I have used clip hanger for years since first seeing them at the LA County Fair. The pivot was a great addition and now they have cases. I can't wait to try the new case with the pivot already attached
Douglas B - Saint George
06/01/2021 - Great product! Everytime I get a new phone case I want a new Cliphanger... Once you have one, you're hooked for life! (Literally AND figuratively!) LOL!
Linda K - Seattle, WA
05/29/2021 - I bought my first Cliphanger so long ago, I can’t even remember! Let’s just say that I wouldn’t have a phone without a Cliphanger, so every time I get a new phone, I get a new Cliphanger. I especially love the Kickstand! What a great improvement! I recently gave one to my Aunt and she liked it so much that she asked me to order one for each of her adult children, as gifts.
Laina R - WA
05/24/2021 - I recently bought a new IPhone, I wouldn't carry my cell without a Cliphanger, and have told everyone I know to buy the products. I have been stopped by strangers, and asked where did you get that, what is it.... it's awesome!!
Mary Ann B - San Diego, CA
05/21/2021 - Buying my 6th Cliphanger... and I buy them for friends and family. Love love love this product.
Margot M - Canada
05/01/2021 - I bought mine several years ago. I dropped phone and cliffhanger broke. I have been lost without it. Do glad I saw your email. Thanks for a good product.
Cynthia S - Pasadena, Maryland
05/01/2021 - Have used this item for years. Love it.
Margaret A - Mansfield Tx
04/28/2021 - If a year old they break
04/21/2021 - My husband and have had cliphangers for several years. I love them.
Kathi G - Walla Walla, WA
04/14/2021 - Have had a clip hanger since they first came out and couldn’t imagine having a cell phone without one. Makes it so much easier to grap out of my purse and easily clips on jeans belt loop to allow free hands to hold leash while walking our dogs. Thanks
Karen D - Northwest, NC
04/08/2021 - Used Cliphangers for 12yrs with absolute satisfaction!
Gary D - Tampa, FL
04/07/2021 - I would not do with out one Love it people ask me about them all time. Had one for year Found the at Ouartsite AZ year ago.
Peggy N - Fresno CA
04/04/2021 - Great!!!
Fred H - St Paul
04/03/2021 - I love my clip hanger. Everyone ask about it It is so easy to use.
Nancy S - Burlington NC
04/03/2021 - I have enjoyed doing business with your company for many yrs. I ordered cliphanger products from QVC or HSN during the early days when it was still being improved. I have traded cars many times and left the attachment to hang cell phone at arms reach. Your company has been great to me when I may have had a problem or needed replacements. I plan to use clip hanger as long as I use cell phone. My problem is: i USE FLIP PHONE BECAUSE I AM ELDERLY AND DON'T HAVE SMART PHONE. WHEN I MAKE PICTURE I HA
linda C - Mount Airy, Surry, North Carolina, USA
04/01/2021 - I ❤ Clip Hanger! I'll always have one on my phone and am always telling others about the products. Have you ever considered making a smaller product? It could be use for items like remotes. Keep up the good job with the options and new products!
Marcelline A - High Point, NC
03/29/2021 - First found this at the state fair many years ago have turned on many many of my friends as I love the pivot cliffhanger
Diane L - St Paul ., MN
03/26/2021 - LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Cliphanger! Have been using these cases for nearly 20 years. Each new phone gets a new Cliphanger case. Each new car gets the clip mount. Great products!!!!
Jeff M - Yucaipa, CA
03/26/2021 - Love this product!!!
Shelley M - Berlin, OH
03/23/2021 - Got a new work phone and they would pay up to $30 for a case and I still bought yours as these have protected every phone I've every had!
L S - Chicago IL
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